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“Finally! A safe & natural way to
help my best friend feel better.”

Zach F.


Help your dog feel their best everyday:


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Born out of love

As a new, proud mama of a mini dachshund (Rooster) with crippling anxiety, I quickly learned that harsh prescription medications were the only solution that vets would recommend to me. I knew there had to be a gentler way to help my little Rooster feel better, but I simply couldn’t find a legitimate natural product. ZenPup was born out of my decision to fill this gap in the market—with premium CBD that pet owners can actually trust for their furbabies.

Today, ZenPup offers high quality CBD products with hand-selected, natural ingredients. We’re passionate about helping your best friend live their best life--with less anxiety and pain, and more tail wags, walks, fetches, snuggles, and adventures.

-Jen (CEO)


For All Our Pets Do For Us,
Isn’t It Time To Do Something For Them?

If you’re anything like us - you are OBSESSED with your pet and ensuring they live the longest, happiest, healthiest life ever. CBD is so much more than a quick fix for common ailments. Think of it as your pup’s daily dose of wellness - ensuring they stay happy, healthy, and zen.

CBD’s benefits are cumulative over time, building in your pup’s system to prevent issues for the long-term.
Promotes a sense of calming relaxation, helping your pup better cope with stress.
Provides daily joint health, supporting pain-free movement and play.
Reduces insomnia and promotes a more continuous, sound sleep.


The ZenPup Difference

Your search for high quality, all-natural CBD ends here.

With ZenPup, you only get American-made, broad-spectrum CBD.


Co-Created with Industry Experts

Clean CBD That
You Can Trust

Quality Processes, Proven Results

Gentle Products with Zero Side-Effects


What is CBD?

CBD is a non-intoxicating, non-psychoactive chemical found in the cannabis plant with virtually no side-effects. CBD may help alleviate anxiety, stress, and pain, while aiding in sleeping issues.

How often should I give my dog ZenPup?

Short answer - Every. Single. Day. We recommend giving your pet ZenPup as part of their daily wellness routine - not just as a quick fix for specific ailments. CBD’s benefits are cumulative, building in your pup’s system overtime to prevent issues for the long-term.

How much ZenPup should I give my pet?

CBD dosage is based on your pet’s weight. A general rule of thumb is 0.25-0.5mg per pound of body weight.

10 pound dog = 5mg daily
20 pound dog = 10mg daily
50 pound dog = 25mg daily

Will my pup get high?

Absolutely not! ZenPup CBD contains no THC. It has no psychoactive effect and will not get you or your pup high.


Love ZenPup Treats!

"I have an older golden retriever who suffers from arthritis and is constantly in a decent amount of pain. She absolutely loved Zenpup treats and you could almost tell an immediate effect on her comfort levels."

- Jackie


My Pitbull is doing great!

"We rescued a Pitbull a couple of years ago who's around 8 yrs old now. He has some joint issues form time to time * we don't want it to get worse! He's been on this CBD oil for three week so far & he's doing great! His energy levels have even gone up! Definitely buying more and going to get it for a few relatives dogs for Christmas."

- Chad


Works like magic

"Washing my Harry is always a pain...he's an 80 lb golden, so you can imagine what it looks like trying to wash him and drying him off. I have used it twice so far, once every week (or after we go for a hike), and it works like magic. Also, Harry's skin is very sensitive, but this works to even sooth it and reduce his hot spots."

- Rose