Can I Give My Dog Human CBD Oil?

Do you use CBD oil on yourself? Many pet parents that already use CBD on themselves and know the great results they experience usually want to give it to their dogs that have health ailments. A common question holistic veterinarians receive from dog owners is, can humans take pet CBD oil? And vice versa. Before you start sharing your CBD with your dog, it’s important to continue reading for more details.

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Interesting Facts about CBD for Dogs

  •    CBD is Not Psychoactive – Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in hemp and cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be found in the cannabis plant as well, but THC is not in CBD. THC is responsible, for making people feel the sense of being high or buzzed, CBD oil doesn’t contain THC. Therefore, it doesn’t cause the “high” feeling. However, CBD does provide relaxation.
  •    Reduces Anxiety – Dogs of all breeds and sizes are known to experience stress and anxiety throughout their lifetime. The most common causes of stress are separation anxiety and environmental issues such as thunderstorms. In humans, CBD oil known for successfully treating anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders and panic disorders.
  •    Helps Manage Pain from Disease – Studies have revealed that CBD has the ability to reduce pain caused by illnesses, in addition to providing free radicals.
  •    Improves the Immune System – CBD strengthens the immune system which allows it to create more cells that have the ability to fight off nasty bugs.
  •    Relieves Pain – Scientists in the United States have conducted research and studies surrounding the use of CBD to relieve pain. The results of their study is phenomenal which has caused them to encourage CBD as a new class of drug for chronic pain treatment. Research revealed CBD reduced nerve-related pain and inflammation throughout the entire body.
  •    Protects the Nervous System – Dogs that suffer with nerve and spine issues can be managed with CBD to reduce anxiety and manage pain. 
  •    Increases Appetite – Dogs that are sick sometimes don’t have much of an appetite. The lack of vitamins and nutrition can make health conditions become worse. 
  •    Promotes Cardiovascular Health – A discovery made by veterinarian Dr. Bassignthwaighte showed CBD is linked to heart health and can reduce damage to blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate and protect blood vessels.
  •    CBD is Safe and Legal – Studies have consistently revealed that CBD is safe to use for extended periods of time.

Do you want to give your dog CBD?

After just reading the amazing benefits of giving your dog CBD oil you are most likely ready to give it a try. However, you are probably wondering if you can give your dog CBD oil that is meant for humans. Before that question gets answered, let's discover the link that humans and dogs have when it comes to being treated with CBD oil.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in humans and dogs are the same which means the reaction to CBS oil is equivalent. With that said let’s note the obvious fact that dogs are smaller than humans and require a different dosage. So, the answer to the question, Can humans take pet CBD oil? And vice versa is yes, but it won’t provide the maximum results. This is why many dog owners choose to treat their pet with canine grade CBS oil and keep the human grade to themselves.

You want your dog to experience the best results from CBD oil treatment. Chances are you are treating a specific illness or disease, and the essential oil will provide an overall improved health report the next time you bring your dog to the veterinarian. Manufacturers have created canine grade CBD oil that varies in potency and provides directions on dosage amounts and frequency.

The dosage requirements on the label of human grade CBD oil will not be correct for dogs no matter how you calculate the formula. However, if you are desperate and in an emergency situation and human grade CBD oil is the only thing available you can give it to your dog.

How to Find the Proper Dose Human CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD is a compound that is non-toxic and doesn’t have serious side effects. This should make you feel confident that you can’t give your dog an overdose. However, you want to avoid giving your dog too much human CBD oil because it’s known for its ability to provide sedative-like results when administered in high doses. Dogs that become lethargic after receiving a dose of CBD have consumed too much. While the lethargic effects are temporary, it’s best to control the dosage going forward.

The best way to prevent an overdose of human grade CBD oil is to give your dog small doses and gradually increase it throughout several weeks. The time frame allows your dog’s body to become familiar with processing the supplement. However, it’s in your dog’s best interest to purchase canine grade CBD oil since it comes in a specific potency that is created to treat dogs.

The following formulas should help you determine the best dosage of human CBD oil for your dog.

  •    Low – 0.05mg of CBD oil X 0.5kg of body weight
  •    Mid – 0.125mg of CBD oil X 0.5kg of body weight
  •    High – 0.25mg of CBD oil X 0.5kg of body weight

The general rule is to give your dog two doses a day. The best way to remember is to give them a dose in the morning and again in the evening before bedtime. Keep in mind that this is general information, and dosage needs to be determined by the potency of the CBD oil.

How to Give Your Dog Human CBD Oil

Your dog needs to ingest the CBD oil. Placing the dosage drops directly under your dog's tongue is the fastest way to get it into your dog's bloodstream. This technique is extremely beneficial when your dog has a seizure. Some dogs will easily allow their owner to open their mouth and place the drops in their mouth while others are a bit stubborn and will refuse to open their mouths.

Stubborn dogs are just trying to protect themselves from things that are unfamiliar. Some dogs will get used to taking medicine but others might not. Dog owners that have stubborn dogs that refuse to take the CBD oil can use other techniques like placing the drops on your dog's favorite treat or in their food bowl during their next meal. The most important thing to do is make sure your dog consumes the oil, so it reaches the digestive tracts for maximum results.

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