CBD for Dogs With Anxiety - How Zen Pup CBD Oil Helps Dogs With Anxiety

CBD for dogs with anxiety

Humans aren't the only species that face anxiety. Other animals, in particular, our dogs also face similar anxiety related issues.

As dog owners and dog lovers, the last thing we want is for our fur babies to deal with overwhelming anxiety.

Thankfully, current research presents the fact that CBD can in-fact aid in quick, natural relief from anxiety. Not only that but it provides those benefits without producing any detrimental side effects.

Thankfully, research shows that CBD can offer natural relief from anxiety for our pups. Reduce anxiety for our dogs without potent side effects? Feel confident knowing you've come to the right place.

The remainder of what's to follow will discuss more about anxiety for our dogs and natural treatment options to help save our pups from unnecessary anxiety.

CBD can work as a natural anti-anxiety supplement for dogs.

Zen Pup has been rated as the top CBD brand for dogs by publications such as Esquire, Futurism, and Modern Dog.

First Let's Take a Look At Anxiety

Before we dive into the benefits of CBD for dogs with anxiety and how exactly it can help, let's first review a bit on anxiety in dogs.

Below we review more about anxiety and how it affects your furry best friend.

What exactly is Anxiety you ask?

Very similar as for humans, all dogs regardless of breed, age, or size all deal with some form of anxiety during their lifetime.

The reason being is that anxiety is a natural response to life's stressors.

That being said, like humans, dogs can have continuous anxiety which can have a severe negative effect on the quality of their life.

Most of us overestimate the life of a dog. We often view their life as simple but are just as likely to suffer from anxiety-related disorders.

Separation anxiety in the leading cause of anxiety in dogs.

Studies have shown that up to 20% of all dogs deal with this in some shape or form.

While separation anxiety is the most common, dog’s, like humans, can suffer from a host of other types of anxiety as well.

For example, as you could imagine, dogs that have faced any sort of abuse are extremely likely to face anxiety and have phobias and fears related to the mental or physical abuse they've received.

Ever notice that your dog can sense an earthquake before even you can? That's because dogs are extremely intuitive creatives when it comes to their surroundings. Changes in external conditions can cause dogs anxiety. Including, but not limited to: earthquakes, fireworks, weather, moving homes, and so on.

Elderly dogs also face anxiety as a result of their reaction to Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. Dog owners have reported that CDS affect things like their dog’s memory, learning, perception, and awareness.

Using CBD for Dogs With Anxiety

While there aren't extensive studies specifically reviewing CBD and it's use in treating dogs with anxiety, the key is to recall that both dogs and humans respond similarly to CBD.

Really the biggest difference is the size of us and our dogs, which means that dogs will require smaller doses than we do as humans.

Below we review Zen Pups recommended CBD dosage for dogs and some real CBD case studies.

Zen Pup Recommended CBD Dosage

As with any medication or supplement for humans and dogs, ensuring you are administering the correct dose of CBD is key.

One great thing about CBD is that it's non-toxic. As a result, CBD is extremely hard to overdose on (however, we don't recommend trying to disprove this).

Another big thing is that it's known to not produce side effects like medicine or supplements may.

Please do follow these simple dosage rules of thumb and always keep a close eye your dog’s tolerance to CBD when using it.

In the case of Zen Pup products, we recommend:

Zen Pup Peanut Butter Flavored CBD Treats

  • Dogs under 10lbs: 1/2 treat daily (2.5 mg broad-spectrum CBD)
  • 10-25lbs: 1 treat daily (5 mg broad-spectrum CBD)
  • 26-50lbs: 2 treats daily (10 mg broad-spectrum CBD
  • Over 50lbs: 3 treats daily (15 mg broad-spectrum CBD)

Zen Pup Calming Supplement Tincture -

Spray on food or in mouth as your pup prefers.

  • Dogs under 10lbs: 1 spray daily (5 mg broad-spectrum CBD)
  • 10-25lbs: 2 sprays daily (10 mg broad-spectrum CBD)
  • 26-50lbs: 3 sprays daily (15 mg broad-spectrum CBD
  • Over 50lbs: 4 sprays daily (20 mg broad-spectrum CBD)

Successfully CBD Case Studies for Treating Anxiety in Dogs

CBD has personally helped our dog with anxiety, as well as our customers dogs.

There are so many great use cases for our products. Ourselves and our customers use CBD for anxiety related to things like loud noises (fireworks, music, thunder, etc), as well as more specific phobias.

Our loyal customers who purchase our products on a monthly basis have let us know that their dogs are have been calmer when using our CBD products. Not only that, but they feel that when their dogs use our products and then receive training, they are a whole lot more receptive to it.

My cousin's dog, Wilson, is a Pitbull that suffers from anxiety due to physical abuse, has experienced amazing results with CBD products.

The first quick case study below comes from Jackson, who is a great Great Dane.

Not sure if you knew this our not but Great Dane are actually known for anxiety issues.

Jackson's owners share that they were unsure at first, but after just 2 1/2 weeks, they began to notice to see some awesome results.

Jackson owners noticed that he became much more mellow, less hyper and his separation anxiety decreased as well.

Next up we have Douglas.

Douglas is an elderly pug who had been the victim of anxiety due to moving houses too many times.

His owners shared that whenever he was left alone in their new home, that Douglas couldn’t relax. They were introduced to our CBD goodies by a friend and since then, Douglas has been much better when his owners leave him at home when they head to work for the day.

Last up is Jackie.

Jackie's owner wrote in to share about their success story with our products as it relates to taking Jackie in the car.

Whenever we would take long trips (anything over 30-60 minutes) Jackie was always shaking and moving around as she was very anxious.

Her owners had to give her tons of treats to get into the car but this was more of a bandaid than a solution.

Jackie's owner began giving her some of our CBD dog treats before taking a few car rides, and Jackie was way calmer, and no longer cried during our car trips. Thank goodness!

These 3 case studies are awesome because they cover different use cases of anxiety in dogs.

As a summary of the three customer reviews we discussed, we started with Jackson the Great Dane, which as we explained is a breed that had a high tendency of suffering from separation anxiety. Second, we spoke with Douglas the pug owners who told us Douglas had a hard time with moving houses that lead to anxiety issues. Finally, we had Jackie who suffered from anxiety due to long car rides.

3 different but extremely common issues and CBD helped them all!

How Zen Pup CBD Oil Helps Dogs With Anxiety

If your dog currently suffers from some form of anxiety, we definitely recommend giving CBD a chance.

We recommend 2 types of CBD products by Zen Pup: Treats (aka Goodies) & Tincture (aka Happy)

We highly recommend both of these products for their quality, reliability, and ease-of-use.

We've had awesome results with using CBD to aid our own dogs, and both of our products below have a ton of 5-star reviews from other customers specifically for the use case of CBD for dogs with anxiety.

As of right now, these are my top 2 recommendations.

Zen Pup Peanut Butter Flavored CBD Treats

Zen Pup Calming Supplement Tincture


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