CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

As a pet parent, your heart breaks as you watch your dog struggle with arthritis. The pain they go through can be moderate to severe, but the visible physical struggle is terrible to watch. You might feel helpless when standard medicine prescribed by a veterinarian doesn’t make your dog feel better. The good news is, there is something that can help, it’s called CBD oil for dogs. That’s right; it’s CBD for dogs with arthritis!

cbd oil for dogs with arthritis

Understanding Canine Joint Pain and Arthritis

Canine Arthritis affects one out of four dogs. Estimates in the United States reveal that more than 22 million dogs are living with arthritis and dealing with the pain on a daily basis. Arthritis is a common term, but not many pet parents know exactly what it means. It’s difficult to understand since the medical name “arthritis” is used to describe more than 100 joint related diseases. Generally, dogs that experience inflamed joints, pain and stiffness are diagnosed with arthritis.

Most dogs have a degenerative joint disease called osteoarthritis which affects the cartilage in the joints. The cartilage acts as a mediator between the bones and joints, but when this flexible connective tissue is damaged, it causes pain, aches, and stiffness. The connective tissue slowly deteriorates and causes the joint and bones to rub against each other causing pain every time they move. The term “osteoarthritis” defines the wear and tear on the joints. This is usually seen in dogs that are in their senior years.

Another cause of arthritis in dogs can be related to infections or injuries the dog experiences. This type of ailment can lead to arthritis caused by damaged cartilage. Does your dog have arthritis? Learn about the symptoms below.

Dogs that have arthritis often show symptoms such as:

  •    Stiffness in the joints
  •    Limping
  •    Excessive panting
  •    Reduced mobility
  •    Unusual and excessive sleep patterns
  •    Inability to jump
  •    Reluctance to jump
  •    Slow movements when laying down or getting up
  •    Reluctance to go on walks

Does arthritis affect your dog’s weight?

Dogs usually get plenty of exercise during their walks, and playing fetch outside. Unfortunately, dogs that have pain in their joints don’t want to go on walks or play with their toys because it hurts too much. This means they are living a sedentary life and not burning their daily calorie intake which causes weight gain.

The weight gain puts more pressure on their joints causing the pain to increase and the condition to get worse. As a pet parent you can limit their treat intake but always make sure they are eating their required amount of food to assure they receive the proper amount of nutrients and minerals in their diet. CBD for dogs with arthritis is an excellent option for reducing pain and encouraging your dog to feel more active.

Does CBD oil help dogs with arthritis?

The answer to this frequently asked question is, yes! At this moment you are probably feeling relieved knowing there is something you can do to help your dog feel better on a daily basis. Researchers have conducted studies that have revealed that CBD oil for dogs has anti-inflammatory effects and is a powerful pain-relieving solution. This research makes it clear that dogs will experience less pain when consuming CBD oil on a regular basis with proper dosage.

Will my dog feel high?

Pet parents don’t want to change their dog’s personality with medication. You will be happy to know that CBD oil is made with extractions from the Hemp plant and the essential oil does not contain THC properties that causes the feeling of being “high” or “buzzed.” However, your dog will feel relaxed and happier due to less pain and discomfort.

Does CBD oil fight inflammation in dogs?

Yes. Studies have been conducted on the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, and it showed that it reduces inflammation in the entire body. The studies revealed CBD especially reduces inflammation in joints, lungs, brain and the pancreas. Researchers in the United States at the University of Kentucky produced the same results during their own studies.

The University of Kentucky study treated animals with CBD for four days in a row which already showed signs of reduced inflammation that directly affected the joints in animals.

CBD for Pain

Pain caused by arthritis is directly linked to inflammation. The situation can be managed if the pain associated with the condition is directly treated by CBD oil for dogs. There have been plenty of studies and research done by reputable universities and scientists, and they all get the same results, CBD oil is a powerful painkilling essential oil.

What to Expect

Once you give your dog CBD oil as a treatment for arthritis on a daily basis, you can expect your dog to gradually improve their mobility, appetite and comfort level. Dogs that would cry and whine due to the severe pain arthritis caused suddenly stop showing signs of distress and start living again. Some dogs even begin to play with their toys again. Overall, you will see your dog move around better, experience less pain, eat well, sleep well and show signs of their adorable personality that has been hidden due to the pain.

Things to Keep in Mind during Treatment

CBD oil has been approved by the FDA to be used to treat ailments. CBD oil for dogs is a well-tolerated alternative medicine that is reliable and safe to use. You will be surprised to learn that dogs, as well as humans, have the same endocannabinoid system that responds to CBD. However, since dogs are smaller than humans the dosages and potency level need to be different. The great news is, CB is nonpsychoactive, nontoxic and is incapable of causing an overdose.

Dosages of CBD Oil for Your Dog

As a pet parent, you need to provide your dog with the correct dosage amount to treat the condition properly. There are different brands of CBD oil for canines, and they come in different levels of potency. This means that dosage instructions for brand “A” will not work on brand “B.” Your goal is to find a high-quality brand. An excellent way to find it is to read the labels and avoid CBD oil that has a dark color green.

The general dosage rule to follow is the 2 to 4 ratio. This means you will give your dog about 2 to 4 drops of CBD oil, 2 to 4 times per day. The dosage amount and the frequency of the dosage are determined by your dog’s weight. All CBD oil bottles and packages have dosage instructions that need to be adhered to for maximum results.

Pet parents that have a difficult time reading the instructions and determining dosage for their dog should consult with a holistic veterinarian for further assistance. A holistic veterinarian will be able to discuss CBD for dogs with arthritis and determine the best way to treat your dog.

Dogs that suffer from arthritis pain highly benefit from being treated with CBD oil. Are you ready to relieve your dog’s arthritis and joint pain? Place your order today from Zen Pup.

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