How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

Are you worried about giving your dog medicine? Most pet parents admit that finding the right dosage of medicine is one of the major fears they experience as a dog owner. CBD oil is an alternative medicine that originates from the hemp plant. It is a powerful compound that has been used by pet parents and holistic veterinarians to treat and cure canine ailments and diseases. However, finding the right dosage for your dog can become complex. Are you asking yourself, “How much CBD oil should I give my dog?” If so, the following details about CBD oils, treats and capsules will help guide you to finding the right dosage for your dog.

how much cbd oil should I give my dog

Things to Consider when Treating Your Dog with CBD Oil

Let’s cover the basics to become more familiar with the product. First, this article is only regarding dogs, not cats or other pets. Now, the major factor that you need to focus on is the quality of the product and the brand.

Generally, CBD products come in three types of forms such as essential oils, treats, and capsules. Today, the focus will be on the CBD essential oil for dogs. However, the treats are helpful to administer treatment to dogs that are picky and refuse to consume the oil. The capsules are also an excellent option if your dog easily takes capsules. All dogs are different, but most prefer the CBD oil which gets placed under the tongue or in food and water.

The Basics of CBD Dosages for Dogs

As mentioned before the essential oil is administered in drop form since each CBD oil brand has a different potency value the directions are included on the label. It’s essential you follow the directions precisely to assure your dog receives maximum benefits from the oil. The 2 to 4 rule is the easiest way to remember how to, administer the CBD oil. Basically, the rule is 2 to 4 drops per dosage given 2 to 4 times a day.

CBD Oil Dosages for Dogs

Every dog experiences their own ailments such as chronic pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia, anxiety and more. As a pet parent, you know the issues your dog is facing, and the dosage will be determined by your dog’s weight and health issues that need to be treated. Dogs that are experiencing serious illness should always be treated under the supervision of a holistic veterinarian. Remember, standard veterinarians, are usually not allowed to discuss treatment regarding CBD oil since it’s a holistic alternative.

Most bottles of CBD oil for dogs is available in 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg. Your dog’s weight has a lot to do with the dosage as seen below:

Small Dogs weighing under 20 pounds

  •    Standard Dose – 0.25mg X 1 pound of body weight
  •    Use the 150mg bottle of CBD oil for dogs
  •    One drop which is equivalent to 0.5mg of CBD

Medium Dogs weighing between 20 to 60 pounds

  •    Standard Dose – 0.25mg X 1 pound of body weight
  •    Use the 300mg bottle of CBD oil for dogs
  •    One drop which is equivalent to 1mg of CBD

Large Dogs weighing 60 pounds and over

  •    Standard Dose – 0.25mg X 1 pound of body weight
  •    Use the 600mg bottle of CBD oil for dogs
  •    One drop is equivalent to 1mg of CBD

CBD Oil Dosage Guidelines

Chances are you probably just felt a bit overwhelmed reading the above dosage formulas but don’t worry, let’s make things a little more clear. Basically, if you have a small dog breed that weighs under 20 pounds, they don’t need the same quantity as medium or large dogs. That’s why manufacturers create CBD oil in quantities such as 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg.

Basically, if your adorable little dog is a small breed and weighs 6 pounds, you would use the following formula which turns out to be the dosage amount of 3 drops. The formula is below:

  •    6 pounds X 0.25mg = 1.5mg
  •    1 drop is 0.5mg
  •    Dosage – 3 drops for a 6-pound dog

It’s important to keep in mind that the potency in each bottle of the same brand is exactly the same. It’s just that larger dogs require more drops per dosage, so manufacturers create larger bottles so pet parents don’t need to keep purchasing the small bottle multiple times. The larger bottles actually save you money in the long run.

How to Give Your Dog CBD Oil

The best and most effective way to give your dog CBD oil is to place the drops directly under your dog's tongue. This might sound easy, but it can become complicated if your dog doesn’t cooperate. You need to approach the administering process calmly so your dog doesn’t feel your nervousness. Calmly talk to your dog and explain what you are going to do as you prepare the drops. They carefully place the drops under your dog's tongue. Most dogs will get used to the routine since it will happen twice a day. Most pet owners have admitted their dogs actually grew fond of the flavor and licked it up happily.

Let’s face it, some dogs are very stubborn, and it will take more than sweet talk to get them to take their medicine. An excellent tip is to reward your dog with their favorite treat afterward. Your dog might not like the medicine, but they will always desire their favorite treat and usually are willing to do whatever they can to earn their treat.

Pet parents that are still having difficulty administering the drops to their dog might need to switch to other CBD options such as capsules or treats that include CBD in the ingredients. However, you will need to read the label to find out the potency and recommended dosage for your dog’s weight.

CBD Capsule and Treat Dosage

The formula for a standard CBD capsule dosage is:

  •     0.25mg X 1 pound of body weight

The CBD capsules are available in the following:

  •    150mg bottle – 1 capsule is equivalent to 5 mg of CBD
  •    300mg bottle – 1 capsule = 20mg of CBD
  •    600mg bottle – 1 capsule = 20mg of CBD

The guidelines for CBD treats for dogs are:

  •    The formula is 0.25mg X 1 pound of body weight
  •    One treat is equivalent to 5mg of CBD

Generally, if you have a dog that weighs 20 pounds, the dosage will be one treat a day. The formula used to determine this is: 0.25mg X 20 pounds = 5mg.

Will CBD oil make my dog feel high?

Pet parents often wonder if CBD oil will make their dog feel high or change their personality. CBD oil lacks the component that causes the feeling of being “high.” There haven’t been any side effects reported during the use of CBD oil for dogs. However, there have been reports that some dogs seem drowsy and take a nap after they take the CBD oil. This is a temporary drowsiness that doesn’t harm your dog’s health.

Keep in mind that dogs who are experiencing chronic anxiety, stress, and physical pain might seem drowsy, but they are actually just feeling relief from their ailments which causes them to get much-needed rest and relaxation.

Now that you know how dosages are determined you should feel more confident finding the proper amount for your dog. Remember if you are ever in doubt and still asking, “how much CBD oil should I give my dog?” consult with a holistic veterinarian for further assistance. Are you ready to take control and help your dog feel better? Place your order today with ZenPup.

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