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How to choose the right type of CBD for your pup

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How to choose the right type of CBD for your pup

You Gotta Love Options.  Who doesn’t?  It’s ingrained in our human makeup. There’s no denying that we prefer having a range of offerings to choose from, carefully making a selection based on our armchair researching skills, (Google search for the win!) personal needs and perception of quality and value. Luckily for us, the CBD industry provides a variety of options, each unique in their benefits and pitfalls. We’ve previously discussed different ways that CBD can be used (topical products, treats, drinks, etc.) but let’s dive a little deeper and explore the variety of cannabinoid spectrums that are available on the market and which one is optimal for your pet’s health. 


Hemp Seed Extract

While this technically isn’t on the CBD spectrum, it’s worth mentioning, as companies try to market this as a legitimate CBD product. Clever branding and the dishonest labeling leads consumers to believe that hemp seed extract employs the same benefits as other CBD strains. This is untrue, as hemp seed extract only contains trace amounts of CBD and is not effective. As you comb through the endless CBD options on the internet, be particularly wary of this one.

PupParent Pros: None that we can think of!

PupParent Cons: Dishonest labeling, ineffective, small amounts of CBD



CBD Isolate is the most manipulated by man and (no surprise here) the least effective. Scientists initially hypothesized that by removing and isolating certain cannabinoids, they would achieve a stronger, more efficient result. They were sorely mistaken and quickly realized that this manipulation actually hinders the desired effect of CBD. Given the weaker results that consumers experience from CBD Isolate, it is less costly than the other two spectrums of CBD. 

PupParent Pros: More affordable, no THC present

PupParent Cons: Does not achieve Entourage Effect, virtually ineffective 



Just as it sounds, full-spectrum CBD consists of all the cannabinoids and compounds found in the hemp plant - including the presence of THC as well. Full-spectrum CBD is liked by some, as it is less costly than broad-spectrum CBD and reasonably effective. The downside of full-spectrum CBD centers around regulation, as it is less likely to undergo extensive testing. Further, for individuals who only seek the physical, medical effect of CBD, they might feel uncomfortable consuming CBD that contains THC - the psychoactive component, responsible for making you high.

PupParent Pros: Entourage effect achieved, slightly less costly

PupParent Cons: THC present, less rigorous testing 


Wrapping up with the most popular choice for pup use - broad-spectrum CBD is the recommended option for pet parents, as it contains no THC, while still offering the Entourage Effect. To recap, the Entourage Effect stems from a collaborative effort of specific properties in the hemp plant. When this combination occurs, the quickest and strongest effect is achieved. While broad-spectrum CBD contains all of the cannabinoids and compounds that naturally reside in the hemp plant, it goes through an additional filtration step where theTHC is extracted. This option is ideal for those looking to achieve the full, medical effect of CBD without the chance of getting high. For animals, this is widely-used, as there are virtually no risks involved. This spectrum of CBD undergoes extensive testing and can be enjoyed in topical products, treats, tinctures and more. 

PupParent Pros: Entourage effect achieved, undergoes rigorous testing, no THC present

PupParent Cons: Slightly more costly 

The clear winner for your pet’s needs is broad-spectrum CBD! This form of CBD allows optimal and safe treatment to take place, while presenting no risk of a psychoactive effect. We recommend doing your research to find the best fit for your pet and hope that this serves as a guide in doing so. For natural, scientifically tested broad-spectrum pet products, visit ZenPup today!

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