Merry Christmas! Here's Why Thousands of Pet Owners decided to...

First off, we wanted to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas for those who celebrate and a Happy Holidays to others who may not celebrate. We love this time of year because we get to spend some quality time with all our loved ones.

Secondly, we wanted to thank each and every one of you for helping us with our mission of empowering families to spend more quality time with their dogs. We started Zen Pup because we are the biggest dog lovers you'll ever meet. Amongst our team, we own everything from Golden Retrievers to Pitbulls to Pomsky's to Frenchies to Toy Australian Shepherds (and others).

After a few of us faced the loss of some of our beloved dogs passing over the past months and years, it dawned on us, that our dogs live their lives for us. They live to make us happy. So we thought, why can't and shouldn't we do more of the same?

From that point on we decided to go even more all in on giving our dogs the opportunity to have a life worth living. We are everything to our dogs, so we wanted to do everything we could to make sure they lived the healthiest and happiest of lives.

During this quest to find health supplements we could give our pups, much like we take multivitamins and other important supplements, we felt very uncomfortable with over the counter medications and prescription drugs that were available and struggled to find anything that we felt comfortable giving our pups. 

When we didn’t find precisely what we were looking for, it became our mission to create our own products for our pups that could use that contained only the best organic ingredients and broad-spectrum CBD.

Whether for the early, exciting and crazy pup days, to promote happiness and calmness, or later in life, to help ease pain or discomfort, our CBD infused formulas are designed to have a positive impact on dogs in a way that a typical over the counter or prescription grade product wouldn't be able to.

At the heart of ZenPup is a deep-rooted love and passion for dogs. We recognize that they are far more than just animals...they are a cherished member of our family, and they deserve the very best care. This love is what pushes us to create innovative CBD-infused products that provide pet owners with an all-natural + organic way to promote their pet’s health and well-being. Each and every ZenPup product is designed to nourish, heal & positively impact your pup.

And this is exactly why thousands of dog owners decided to purchase our products this year as Christmas & holiday gifts for their dogs.

Care about your dog's health and happiness? Check out our game-changing products and feel good knowing that you'll be looking after your dog's health and happiness. Our products also taste amazing so it's a win all around!

We were recently featured by Esquire Magazine

We were also recently featured by Futurism, "Three Pet-Friendly Products that Show CBD Isn’t Just for Humans."



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