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MythBuster: CBD Edition 

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MythBuster: CBD Edition 

We've all observed how truths can get twisted and lost in a game of telephone. The CBD industry is no stranger to the rumor mill and has faced backlash stemming from the public's false statements and ideas. More importantly, misconceived notions have instilled caution in consumers, keeping people (and pets) from experiencing the long list of amazing CBD benefits.

 So, in a time of unavoidable "fake news" - what's fact and what's fiction?

Myth 1: CBD is psychoactive 

Many skeptics associate CBD with marijuana and therefor carry the assumption that CBD has psychoactive properties. Not to worry, CBD will not give your pet the "high" that THC is known for. CBD is extracted from hemp and does not affect one's mental state, but rather targets physical issues that are occurring in the body. 

 Myth 2: All CBD is created equal 

Different forms, as well as different grades of CBD exist. As curiosity about CBD grew, scientists thought that by extracting and isolating purely CBD, (known as CBD Isolate) they would yield a more potent and effective end product. This hypothesis was debunked and we are now finding that all of the compounds work better together, which has led to broad-spectrum CBD. Another important factor to consider is the quality level of your CBD. Many cheap, ineffective and misleading products are sold on the internet, so it is important to do your research to ensure that you are receiving high-quality products.

For more information on broad-spectrum CBD click here. (link to Entourage Effect blog)

 Myth 3: CBD is a sedative

Pup parents might be on the fence about doling out CBD to their furrballs if they believe that they are basically sedating them. This is not the case. After countless studies on both humans and animals, it has been proven that CBD does not impair both the mind and body in any way. Rather than feeling sedated or groggy, your pet is likely to feel calm and at ease. 

 Myth 4: CBD is a trend or gimmick 

CBD seems to be popping up in several of our household and wellness products, which can lead consumers to question the validity of it as a viable treatment option and think of it more as a temporary trend. While it's no secret that the health & wellness industry is profiting from the popular wonder-plant, the effectiveness of CBD should not be discounted. CBD has proven to safely treat a wide variety of ailments, with virtually no side effects. From pain management and nausea to seizures and cancer, the benefits are real and can drastically assist in treating certain illnesses.

 Myth 5: CBD is unsafe for animals 

Luckily, our furry friends have the same endocannabinoid system as us, which means that they are able to receive the same benefits that we do! Cannabinoids found in CBD work with your pet's endocannabinoid system to restore balance to their body, which essentially reduces pain and discomfort. Several tests have been done to ensure that CBD is safe to use on animals. With dramatically less serious side effects than traditional medicine, pup parents around the country are gravitating toward holistic treatments and are seeing wonderful results.  

 Still hesitant to make the switch? Don't take our word for it!​ Explore ZenPup's product line and see first-hand how CBD can give your pet a happier and healthier life!

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