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Take the Hassle Out of Bath Time

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Take the Hassle Out of Bath Time

As you carefully trace the muddy paw prints through the house, you eventually stumble upon the culprit - covered in dirt, with his favorite bone, retrieved from one of his many hiding spots. Dread sets in and you recall your previous attempts at grooming and the chaos that ensued. 

Bath time can sometimes be a daunting task but it’s an essential undertaking for your pup’s wellbeing. Here’s a quick run down on proper bathing protocol, along with some tips for making bath time manageable and dare we say, maybe even enjoyable! 

Bathing frequency 

How often you bathe your pup is dependent on a variety of factors such as breed, temperament, hair length, coat type, activity level and underlying skin or health conditions. As a general rule of thumb, most dogs require a bath only once a month. If you have an active pup, who always seems to find its way into messy situations, you might need to up this number to 2x a month or assess on a case to case basis. This remains true if you have a long haired dog, who frequently experiences knots or if your pet has been diagnosed with a skin/health condition that requires more attention. 

Just as most things in life, too much of anything can be harmful. Unless you’re instructed to do so by your vet, you should never give more than 3-4 baths per month. Regularly exceeding this number can lead to skin irritation, damaged hair follicles and an increased risk of fungal and bacterial infections. 

Finding the right shampoo 

Like humans, dogs can experience adverse reactions to certain types of grooming products. When searching for the best shampoo for your pup, it’s important to identify their needs and avoid harsh chemicals that can lead to irritation and hair loss. A well-maintained coat contributes to the overall health of your pet, so investing in quality shampoo is important and well worth it! Try to buy organic and stay away from artificial colors, perfumes, preservatives and other potential irritants.  

For pets who have an extreme aversion to bath time, the idea of a painless bathing sesh might seem like a far-fetched fantasy. The good news is, there’s a grooming solution to help ease this process! ZenPup’s CLEAN Rinse-Free Shampoo is an all-natural, no-hassle, no water required shampoo. This means you can kiss bathtubs and unwanted messes goodbye! CLEAN is made with gentle ingredients and effortlessly removes oil and sweat build up that can lead to unwanted odor. The CBD component is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and tackles hot spots, relieves rashes and soothes irritated areas. This convenient rinse-free shampoo is great when traveling with your pet and extends time between washes for when you’re on the go! Simply pump the foam into the palm of your hands and massage liberally through your pup’s fur. Finish up with a quick towel (or air) dry and you’re all set!

In some cases, your pup may need special, medicated shampoo to alleviate certain skin conditions. If you think your pet might require this, talk with your vet to find the right shampoo.

Cue the rubber ducky 

Puppies like bath toys, too! Incorporating water-friendly toys can do wonders and help distract them from the grooming process. Combining this with their favorite treats will help calm your pet and instill positive bathing etiquette, by rewarding their good behavior. 

A not-so-obvious tip is making sure that your bathtub has a non-slip surface, so that your pup isn’t sliding around. This makes your job a lot easier and also prevents harmful accidents from occuring. Many experts suggest using lukewarm water and brushing your pup before the bath, to remove tangles. Finally, your dog has a keen sense of awareness and picks up on your energy, so try and remain collected and talk to him/her in a relaxed and reassuring manner. 

You’re now equipped with the knowledge you need to conquer bath time! For all of your CBD bathing essentials including rinse-free shampoo, treats and more shop ZenPup today!
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