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What to Avoid (and Look for) In your Pet’s CBD

Posted by Ahmed Jammal on

What to Avoid (and Look for) In your Pet’s CBD

It seems as if overnight, CBD found its way onto the shelves and into, well, pretty much everything you can think of. From lotions and bath bombs to snacks and beverages - it’s safe to say that a CBD alternative exists or is in the making for practically anything. While some attribute this skyrocketing trend to fruitful marketing and brandability, many simply acknowledge the fact that CBD offers true benefits, with little to no side effects. It is an all-natural solution for a laundry list of ailments. Basically, mother nature hit it out of the park with this one. And while everyone loves options, it’s important to stay vigilant and be weary of individuals and companies who are looking to jump on the gravy train, without providing an honest and quality product. 

This remains especially true as we explore one of the sub-trends that stemmed from the CBD boom - applying the healing powers of CBD to our furry friends. CBD pet products can be safely used to aid in a variety of pet conditions, ranging from anxiety and digestive issues to arthritis and pain management. With a quick Google search, you can access hundreds of CBD pet products and while they might look legitimate, there’s some that lack potency or can even be harmful to your pet. 

When looking for the best CBD products for your pooch, it’s important to check these boxes:

Natural & Human Grade 

One of the popular draws to CBD is its holistic properties. It’s extracted from the hemp plant and requires no artificial additives. Many companies add dyes, flavors and preservatives to their CBD infused dog treats. Rather than exposing your pup to unhealthy ingredients, opt for natural, whole alternatives like ZenPup’s GOODIES made with organic whole-grain oat flour, peanuts, organic pumpkin puree, organic pasture-raised eggs, organic pasture-raised pork fat, organic pasture-raised pork skin, and organic honey.  These treats are farm to jar and contain high quality, human grade ingredients. 

Broad spectrum 

As CBD grew in popularity, scientists wanted to experiment with its strength capabilities. They hypothesized that by isolating certain properties, they would create stronger strains, only consisting of selected compounds. Through extensive research, their hypothesis was disproved. Turns out, CBD is perfect just the way it is! All of its chemical properties actually work together to create the Entourage Effect, which essentially leads to better and faster-acting CBD. This form of CBD is known as  broad-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD contains hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis plant and provides a heightened sense of relief, which is achieved through the unity of these compounds. While broad-spectrum CBD tends to be slightly more costly than other CBD variances, it undergoes more rigorous testing, has a noticeably stronger effect and contains 0% THC.  

THC free

On that note, this one is extremely important. CBD-based products that you purchase for your pet should NOT contain high levels of THC. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effect that people experience from getting high. Some CBD pet products contain up to .3% of THC, which isn’t necessarily harmful but could be enough to make some pet parents uneasy. It’s best to opt for broad-spectrum CBD, which contains 0% THC. THC is not required for the healing properties that result from CBD and can have adverse effects on your pup, in larger doses. 

On the flip side, a slew of companies have recently been accused of selling CBD products that contain virtually no CBD at all. These businesses are looking to capitalize on CBD’s growing popularity without investing in actual CBD. Some companies market their products as containing hemp seed extract. It’s important to note that hemp seed extract is not the same as CBD, and in fact, contains no CBD at all. Look for Full or Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (different from hemp seed extract) in the ingredients to be certain your buying true CBD.   Finally, Legitimate CBD companies undergo third party testing to ensure that they’re accurately reporting the levels of CBD content in their products - and these should be readily available on their website. 

The unfortunate reality is that some companies will post false claims and ingredients on their products and websites to entice consumers. This means that even if you do your research, you can still end up getting duped. Before committing to a product, look for credibility through reviews, social media pages and their website. If something feels off or too good to be true, trust your gut!  

For all of your trusted, natural, broad-spectrum CBD pet products, head over to ZenPup today! Whether you need grooming products or yummy treats, we have you covered!

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