Our Story

The Zen Pup Story

ZenPup was created out of a deep-rooted passion and desire to improve the lives of pets in a safe, natural way. After becoming the proud mom of two mini dachshunds, Roxanne & Rooster, I quickly realized my little Rooster had crippling anxiety that was impacting his quality of life and overall happiness.

The vets recommended serious anti-anxiety meds, but the thought of pumping his little 4 pound body with harsh mediations (that had even harsher potential side-effects) was too much for me. I knew there had to be a safer, better, and more natural way to help my little boy…but it was nearly impossible to find an effective and trustworthy solution.

I made the decision to create that better way, and ZenPup was born. We’re committed to creating safe, natural, and effective solutions that help your pet live their very best life. Free of anxiety & pain and filled with happiness & joy.

We’re Pet Parents Too

Ever look at your dog and tear up because you love them so much?

Yea, us too.

Let’s be honest: we don’t deserve dogs. But we can try to.

We can try to repay their loyalty, friendship, and undying love.
We can try to live up to their standards and make them as happy as they make us.

From puppy-hood to senior dogs, ZenPup can improve your pet’s life through all its stages.

Our Mission:

At ZenPup, our mission is to make our pets’ lives as wonderful as they make ours. We’re committed to creating the most safe, natural, 
and effective products that replace your best friend’s stress and pain with more tail wags, walks, fetches, snuggles, and adventures.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to help pet owners realize just how powerful CBD can be for ensuring their best friend lives the longest, healthiest, and happiest life imaginable.

We are creating a world in which safe and natural solutions are universally used over harsh medications for our furbabies’ pain, anxiety, and overall well-being.

Our PIllars


As doting pet parents, our love for our fur babies guides everything we do. We are deeply passionate about creating the best life possible for your best friend.


Founded to fill the gap in pet wellness with trustworthy CBD products, ZenPup’s carefully curated products are just as gentle on your pup as they are effective.


Knowing that greener futures mean more adventures, ZenPup is committed to only using recycled, sustainable materials for our product packaging.


Our commitment to quality extends beyond our product formulas, testing, and supply chain. With our sleek, modern packaging, we strive to be the brand you’re proud to put on display.


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