ZenPup Co.

About Us


ZenPup was created out of a want (more like a need) to do better by our best friends...our loyal companions...our cuter and cooler than us Instagram stars...our dogs.

As pet parents, we are constantly on the hunt for natural products that not only improve our dog's health, but their happiness and well being.  Through our search, we started to recognize first hand the negative effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Thus, we began to seek out a more natural alternative using the best in organic ingredients and broad-spectrum CBD - and when we didn’t find precisely what we were looking for, it became our mission to create it.

Whether for earlier in life, to promote happiness and calm, or later, to ease pain or discomfort, Zenpup’s CBD infused formulas are designed to have a positive impact on dogs in a way that a typical pharmaceutical product wouldn't be able to.



At ZenPup, we believe your dog is more than just a pet.  They are a member of your family.  They are your best friend. They are the purest & truest love on earth. Any while they are not your whole life, they do make your life whole. 

Their time on this earth is short.  We’re here to make sure each & every moment is filled with joy. We’re here to make sure they have the best life ever

Full of happiness & joy.

Free of anxiety & pain.



We are experiencing a cultural shift & new awareness toward cannabis. What was once taboo is now being hailed as a cure all...a rising star in the booming wellness market.  This shift has guided the human sector into a new generation of cannabis. A generation grounded in efficacy & luxury - with beautiful packaging & sophisticated standards for each product.  A generation that is gaining momentum...and fast. This rising trend toward refinement and destigmatization is only just beginning.  We are sitting at the precipice of something huge.

Which made us stop and ask the question.… what about the cannabis pet market?



To carve out a new space in the pet market by creating a pet/lifestyle brand that sits firmly at the intersection of …luxury, cannabis & culture.



A world where every pup gets to live their best life…

full of happiness & joy...

free of anxiety & pain.

A world where the stigmatism of cannabis is a thing of the past.  A world where harsh pet medications can be replaced with holistic, natural solutions… where the power of plants is fully realized & used to improve the life of you & your pets



Each & every ZenPup product is created with one goal in mind… helping pups live their best lives. Every. Single. Day.

Our premium products are made with the highest standards of quality - using only the very best ingredients and all natural, refined broad-spectrum CBD oil.