About Us

ZenPup was created out of a want (more like a need) to do better by our best friends...our loyal companions...our cuter and cooler than us on Instagram stars...our dogs.

As pet parents, we are constantly on the hunt for natural products that not only look out for our dog's health, but their happiness and well being.  Through our search, we started to recognize first hand the negative effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Thus, we began to seek out a more natural alternative using the best in organic ingredients and broad-spectrum CBD - and when we didn’t find precisely what we were looking for, it became our mission to create it.

Whether for earlier in life, to promote happiness and calm, or later, to ease pain or discomfort, Zenpup’s CBD infused formulas are designed to have a positive impact on dogs in a way that a typical pharmaceutical product wouldn't be able to.

At the heart of ZenPup is a deep-rooted love and passion for dogs.  We recognize that they are far more than just animals...they are a cherished member of our family, and they deserve the very best care. This love is what pushes us to create innovative CBD-infused products that provide pet owners with an all-natural + organic way to promote their pet’s health and well-being.  Each and every ZenPup product is designed to nourish, heal & positively impact your pup.


Our Mission

At ZenPup, we are passionate about the benefits of CBD & the many ways it can improve the life of your dog.  Our mission is to trailblaze the pet marketplace, creating products that enhance your pet’s wellness through high quality, all-natural, CBD infused formulas that keep your furry friends happy, healthy & calm.  

Using only the best ingredients and refined broad-spectrum CBD oil for dogs, ZenPup goes the extra mile to ensure your dogs are healthy and happy every day of their lives.


We are all about the ZenPup life...

ZenPup Life

Zen Pup has been voted as the best CBD for dogs brand.