Your dog isn’t feeling well, and you want to do everything you can to help. Chances are as a responsible pet parent you have already consulted with a veterinarian regarding your dog’s health and treatment. Dog owners are often surprised to learn that prescription drugs from a veterinarian don’t exactly heal their dog, but only treats the symptoms instead of the actual cause.
CBD oil for dogs
What is CBD?
CBD also referred to as cannabidiol, is embedded inside the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant contains 113 cannabinoids and CBD is just one that contains healing properties. It’s important to know that CBD will not make your dog feel “high” because it’s nonpsychoactive. The reason your dog won’t get high is that the CBD oil that is used for pets is sourced from hemp which has low concentrations of THC.

How does CBD oil work on dogs?
CBD oil comes in supplement form for canines. It helps relieve pain and has a calming effect on dogs. Dogs have an endogenous cannabinoid system which allows the ingredient to target specific receptors that are located in the central nervous system, organs, brain, and immune cells.
The Endocannabinoid system receptors interlink communication to assure the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and brain receive the signal. The signals are sent to the regions of the body to assist cells in the fight against free radicals, encourage healthy cell growth, regulate unwanted neurological responses, and fight against nasty bugs. It’s evident that cannabinoids highly benefits canine health in a variety of ways.

CBD Benefits for Dogs
CBD oil for dogs provides the following benefits:
 Reduces pain
   Reduces stress
   Promotes homeostasis
   Relieves chronic pain
   Relieves chronic arthritis
   Improves appetite
   Reduces anxiety
    Choosing CBD Oil for Dogs
    The use of CBD oil gradually improves your dog’s health as it is consistently used on a regular basis. Choosing the correct CBD oil for dogs is essential to their overall health and well being. As a pet parent that will provide their dog with dosages, it’s vital that you understand the potency of the product. The potency is directly related to the quality of the product. You want to look for CBD oils that have the best quality such as the list below:
     Naturally Extracted – You need to find CBD oil that doesn’t use butane or chemical-based gasses during the extraction process. Ideally, you are looking for CO2 extraction.

       Comes from Hemp – You need to find a CBD oil that is created from Hemp, not the Cannabis plant. Hemp contains low levels of THC that prevent your dog from feeling high.

       Preservative and Additive Free – Any CBD oil containing preservatives or additives are evidence of a low-quality product. These additives are implemented into the product for taste factor and to help them maintain a long shelf life.
      An excellent tip is to look for CBD oil with a small number of ingredients. This is a sign the product is high quality and potent enough to treat your dog. Keep in mind product that has a dark green color contains chlorophyll and other plant matter. You want to choose the extracts that contain a golden color instead of a green tone. Also, you need to read the label on the CBD oil bottle to assure chemicals and pesticides were not used during the growth of the plant.

      CBD Oil for Dogs Dosage
      The size of your dog determines the dosage amount of CBD hemp oil. The quality of CBD oil is essential to the dosage amount. Weaker and low-quality oil requires more of a dosage compared to high-quality potent CBD oil. It’s highly important to read the label carefully and administer the proper amount to your dog.
      As a general rule, give your dog less than the minimum amount and gradually working up to the full dosage allows you to see the reaction to the product. Usually, dogs have a positive reaction and their health struggles and symptoms slowly disappear.

      Thankfully, no CBD Oil Overdose in Dogs
      Non-THC oil is highly recommended and should be the only product administered to your dog. However, some pet parents miss read labels and accidentally give their dog oil products that contain THC. It’s important to know that THC is not meant for dogs to consume or be exposed to at all. Dogs that have accidentally consumed a product that contains THC needs to rushed to the local animal hospital or veterinarian immediately.

      The Federal Drug Administration advises pet parents to look out for the following signs of an overdose of THC in dogs.
         Severe depression
         Severe drooling
         Unusual behavior
        Observing your dog’s reaction to the dosage is essential to their overall well being. You need to keep a small notebook with notes regarding any unusual behavior or reaction to the product. It’s also important to keep note of the improvements as well. This is something you can discuss with the veterinarian during the next scheduled appointment.
        Adding CBD oil to Your Dog’s Diet
        There are various ways to include CBD oil in your dog’s diet. You can choose to implement CBD oil drops into your dog’s food or water. Dogs that don’t mind taking capsules will benefit fit from hiding it in a piece of cheese or their favorite treat. There are topical options to apply the CBD oil to your dog’s skin. The pet industry has known about the benefits of CBD oil for pets for a while now and has already created products such as tasty doggie treats with CBD as one of the ingredients.

        You know your dog the best so you will know the best way to administer the CBD oil. Picky dogs that refuse anything new to eat might sense the product in their food and refuse to eat. This is where tasty treats come in handy. Some dogs can be tricked into eating a capsule hidden inside a piece of cheese while others will be happy to eat their food with no problems.

        CBD Oil for Dogs with Anxiety
        Anxiety is one of the most common complaints veterinarians hear from pet parents. It’s unfortunate that dogs experience anxiety, but it happens for a variety of reasons such as separation issues, social fear, and environmental surroundings. CBD oil is known for its successful management of anxiety in dogs. Dogs that experience anxiety often shows the following symptoms:
           Constant barking
           Defecating or urinating in the house
           Chewing on objects in the house
           Unusual behavior
          CBD oil will reduce anxiety levels and treat symptoms, but it’s also important that you find the root of your dog’s anxiety. The fear of loud noise from thunderstorms tends to be an issue for most dogs. This type of environmental issue is not something you can control. However, with treatment that combines CBD oil with a doggie thunder vest that helps them feel safe can help control the issue.
          Dogs also experience separation anxiety from their pet parents. This means every time you leave the house, your dog is under extreme stress and most likely barks or cries all day until you return home. There are a variety of ways to treat this situation, but CBD oil needs to be at the top of the list since it successfully works with the brain to remain calm.

          As a pet parent, you are responsible for your dog’s overall health, well being and lifestyle. This means you need to make an important decision when standard veterinarians have done everything they can to heal and help your dog. Sometimes you need to seek alternative medicine such as CBD oil. You can choose to consult with a holistic veterinarian in regards to CBD oil and the proven benefits CBD oil for dogs provides.

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