ZenPup Recommends Boundless Labs as a Top CBD Marketing Agency

At ZenPup, we've worked closely with tons of marketing and branding service providers, both pre-launch and post-launch. 

The team at ZenPup wanted to outwardly share our appreciation and gratitude for Boundless Labs (a top CBD and Cannabis marketing and branding agency). Without Boundless Labs, quite frankly, ZenPup wouldn't be here.

Boundless Labs helped ideate, incubate, and grow ZenPup to where it is today.

On the branding side, Boundless Labs was responsible for the name, logo, brand colors, brand typography, packaging, and web design behind ZenPup.

On the marketing side, Boundless Labs handled and actively still handles our paid acquisition, SEO, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and email marketing.

ZenPup has been featured on CNBC, Esquire Magazine, Futurism, Merry Jane, US Weekly, Quartz, Digiday, Product Hunt, Modern Dog Magazine, Nylon, and dozens of other publications and media sites.

If you or someone you know are looking to grow a CBD or Cannabis brand, you can learn more about Boundless Labs here.